Gaggia RI9380/46 vs Breville Barista Express: Espresso Wars

Hey there, fellow coffee enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share my experience comparing the Gaggia RI9380/46 vs the Breville Barista Express. As someone who takes their coffee seriously, finding the perfect espresso machine is a delightful quest. These two machines have earned their spots in the limelight, but which one reigns supreme? Stick with me in this comparison journey to discover which one might just become your new favorite coffee companion. Whether you’re a budding barista or a seasoned brewmaster, this is a showdown that’s sure to pique your interest.

Gaggia RI9380_46 vs Breville Barista Express

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Evo Pro

You are introducing the Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Evo Pro, a small but mighty addition to your coffee brewing arsenal. If you’re as passionate about your daily espresso as I am, you’ll appreciate the exceptional features this machine brings to the table. With a generous 2.1-litre capacity and a sturdy build of stainless steel, brass, and plastic components, it’s designed to make your coffee experience extraordinary. In this review, we’ll dive into the key features and benefits that make the Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Evo Pro a standout choice for those who value both flavour and value for money. Let’s explore what this espresso machine offers and how it can elevate your coffee game.

Key Features

  • The Gaggia RI9380/46 offers a 2.1-liter water reservoir for extended brewing sessions.
  • Crafted from stainless steel, brass, and plastic, it’s a durable and robust coffee companion.
  • Boasting 1200 watts delivers a high-quality espresso experience.
  •  Customers rate it highly for producing rich, delicious coffee with a 4.7 rating for flavour.
  • It’s not just about taste; it also scores well with a 4.6 rating for value for money.
  •  A 4.3 rating for blending power ensures your coffee is consistently mixed to perfection.
  •  Its user-friendliness is highlighted with a 4.3 rating for ease of use.
  • This espresso machine has the prestige of Italian craftsmanship.
  • From frothing milk to brewing espresso, it’s suitable for various coffee creations.
  • With 9-bar extractions and self-serviceable features, it’s equipped for serious coffee enthusiasts.

Key Benefits 

1. Superb Espresso Quality: The Gaggia RI9380/46 consistently produces high-quality espresso, ensuring your daily brew is perfect.

2. Durable Construction: Its stainless steel, brass, and plastic components look great and ensure long-lasting reliability.

3. Spacious Water Reservoir: The 2.1-litre capacity means less frequent refills, making it perfect for entertaining guests.

4. User-Friendly: Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a beginner, its easy-to-use design guarantees a hassle-free coffee-making experience.

5. Value for Money: Customers praise this machine’s excellent valuing of quality with affordability.

6. Commercial-Grade: The 9-bar extraction pressure and self-serviceable features cater to coffee enthusiasts seeking professional results.

7. Versatile Brewing Options: It’s not limited to just espresso; you can froth milk, create latte art, use ESE pods, and more.

8. Made in Italy: Benefit from the heritage of Italian coffee culture and craftsmanship in your kitchen.

9. Compact Design: The small footprint of the Gaggia RI9380/46 makes it suitable for kitchens with limited space.

10. Reliable Brand: Gaggia’s reputation for excellence ensures you’re investing in a trusted and reputable coffee machine.


Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Meet the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine in brushed stainless steel, also known as the BES870XL, a heavyweight in the world of oloversicionados. If you’re as passionate about espresso as I am, you’ll appreciate the impressive features this machine brings to your home coffee setup. With its striking design and reputation for excellence, the Breville Barista Express is more than just a coffee maker; it’s a statement piece for your kitchen. In this review, we’ll explore the key features and benefits that make this espresso machine a beloved choice among experienced coffee enthusiasts. Join me as we uncover what sets the Breville Barista Express apart.

Key Features

  • The Breville Barista Express ensures barista-quality espresso right at home.
  •  With durable stainless steel construction, it’s built to last.
  • Boasting 1600 watts delivers powerful performance.
  •  Customers rate it highly with a 4.5 rating for material quality.
  •  Achieve consistent coffee blending with a 4.4 rating.
  • Coffee lovers praise it for its ability to deliver a rich and flavorful brew.
  • It’s built to withstand daily use, earning a 4.4 rating for long-lasting performance.
  •  Streamlines the brewing process for consistent, professional results.
  • Ensures precise coffee dosing for the perfect shot every time.
  • The Breville Barista Express includes a range of extras like a stainless steel milk jug, water filter, and filter holder, making it an all-in-one coffee solution.

Key Benefits

 1. Barista-Quality Espresso: Enjoy creating espresso that rivals your favourite coffee shop.

2. Long-Lasting Durability: The stainless steel build guarantees the machine can withstand heavy daily use.

3. Quick and Powerful: With 1600 watts, it heats rapidly and delivers robust and consistent coffee.

4. Material Excellence: Customers commend the high-quality materials, with a 4.5 rating for material quality.

5. Flavorful Results: It consistently produces a rich, full-bodied coffee flavour with a 4.4 rating.

6. Built to Last: Users appreciate the machine’s durability, backed by a 4.4 rating for longevity.

7. User-Friendly: It’s designed for coffee enthusiasts of all experience levels, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

8. Precision Brewing: The integrated tamper and razor dose trimming tool ensures precise and consistent coffee dosing.

9. Comprehensive Accessories: The Breville Baristahasomes with everything you need to create a wide range of coffee beverages.

10. Elevated Coffee Experience: Experience the joy of crafting your favourite coffee quickly and precisely with precision.


Comparison of Gaggia RI9380/46 vs Breville Barista Express

Capacity2.1 Liters4 Pounds
ColorBrushed Stainless SteelBrushed Stainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel, Brass, PlasticStainless Steel
Item Weight8.5 Kilograms23 Pounds
Operation ModeSemi-AutomaticManual
Wattage1200 watts1600 watts
Learning CurveBeginner-friendlyBeginner-friendly

1. Design and Interface:

Gaggia RI9380/46: The Gaggia Classic Evo Pro boasts a classic, timeless design featuring the iconic Gaggia branding. Its interface is straightforward, making it user-friendly.

Breville Barista Express: The Breville Barista Express showcases a modern, eye-catching design with intuitive controls, including a clear LCD screen for enhanced user interaction.

2. Customization Options:

Gaggia RI9380/46: While it offers some customisationomization, the Gaggia focuses more on traditional espresso making with manual control over shot pulling.

Breville Barista Express: Breville shines in this department, providing an array of customisable settings, from grind size to shot duration, allowing you to fine-tune your coffee exactly to your liking.

3. Integrated Milk Frothing:

Gaggia RI9380/46: It offers a manual steam wand for milk frothing, allowing you to craft your milk-based drinks like a pro.

Breville Barista Express: With its integrated conical burr grinder and steam wand, the Breville simplifies making lattes and cappuccinos, making it a better choice for those who love milk-based coffee.

4. Maintenance and Cleaning:

Gaggia RI9380/46: Known for its ease of self-service, the Gaggia requires regular maintenance but is designed for straightforward cleaning.

Breville Barista Express: It offers a convenient cleaning cycle, and its removable drip tray and grind size adjustment make maintenance a breeze.

5. Price:

Both the Gaggia RI9380/46 and the Breville Barista Express are available at different price points. The Gaggia generally falls into a more budget-friendly range, while the Breville Barista Express is positioned as a mid-range option, offering a balance between features and cost. Your choice will depend on your budget and specific coffee-making preferences.



Which espresso machine is more budget-friendly, the Gaggia RI9380/46 or the Breville Barista Express?

The Gaggia RI9380/46 is generally more budget-hampered than the Breville Barista Express.

Do both machincustomisationomization options for coffee enthusiasts?

Yes, the Gaggia RI9380/46 and the Breville Barista Express provide various customisation options, although the Breville offers more extensive customisation features.

Can I easily froth milk with these espresso machines?

Both machines have milk-frothing capabilities, with the Breville Barista Express offering integrated milk frothing for added convenience.

How do these machines compare in terms of maintenance and cleaning?

The Gaggia RI9380/46 is known for self-serviceability, while the Breville Barista Express offers user-friendly cleaning features like a dedicated cleaning cycle.

What should I consider when choosing between these coffee makers?

Your choice should depend on your budget, preferred level of customisation, and how much you value milk frothing convenience, as both machines have unique strengths and features.


In the realm of coffee machines, the Gaggia RI9380/46 vs the Breville Barista Express each offer distinct advantages. With its traditional design and straightforward interface, the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro caters to those who appreciate the essence of manual espresso-making and cost-conscious consumers. On the other hand, the Breville Barista Express, known for its modern aesthetics and extensive customisation options, appeals to those seeking a more versatile coffee experience, especially when it comes to milk-based drinks. Both machines offer maintenance solutions, with the Gaggia’s self-serviceability and the Breville’s user-friendly cleaning cycle. Their choice hinges on individual preferences, budget, and the degree of control they desire in crafting their coffee.

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