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Change Clock Keurig Duo: Brew O’clock

Hey there, coffee enthusiasts! If you’re like me, you know that a perfectly brewed cup of joe is a day-maker. Regarding my Keurig Duo, I’ve got the process down to a science. One thing that initially threw me for a loop was figuring out how to change the clock on this fantastic machine. But fear not because, after some trial and error, I’ve got it down to a breeze. Stick around, and I’ll walk you through the simple steps to get that clock set just right so you can wake up to the perfect brew every morning!

Change Clock Keurig Duo

Why Change the Clock on Your Keurig Duo?

Why do you need to tinker with the clock on your Keurig Duo? Let’s dive into the reasons and scenarios where clock adjustments are essential.

Daylight Saving Time Changes

When DST rolls in or out, your coffee schedule can go haywire. Updating your Keurig Duo’s clock ensures your morning brew stays on track.

Power Outages

Unexpected power outages can mess up your coffee maker’s timekeeping. Learn how to reset it swiftly post-outage.

Initial Setup

When you first bring home your Keurig Duo, the clock may need adjusting to match your local time zone.

Changing the clock on your Keurig Duo may seem like a small task, but it’s crucial for keeping your coffee routine in sync with your day. In this article, we’ll walk you through each of these scenarios and the simple steps to ensure your coffee is always ready when needed.

Preparing to Change the Clock on Your Keurig Duo

Before you dive into adjusting your Keurig Duo’s clock, here’s a quick rundown to ensure a smooth process:

Checklist of Items:

1. User Manual: Keep it handy; it’s your go-to guide.

2. Keurig Duo Coffee Maker: Ensure it’s plugged in and turned on.

3. Access to Settings: Familiarize yourself with the machine’s menu options.

Importance of Reading the User Manual:

The user manual is your compass in this endeavor. It holds the key to understanding your Keurig Duo’s settings and functions. Taking a few minutes to peruse it will save you time and frustration later.

Now that you’ve read your checklist and user manual, let’s change your Keurig Duo clock.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Clock on the Keurig Duo

Let’s get straight to the point – adjusting your Keurig Duo’s clock is a piece of cake with these straightforward steps:

1. Access the Menu: Press the Menu button on your Keurig Duo to enter the settings menu.

2. Navigate to Clock: Using the arrow keys, scroll through the menu options until you reach “Clock.”

3. Enter Clock Setting Mode: Once you’ve highlighted “Clock,” press the OK button to enter clock setting mode.

4. Adjust the Time: Modify the hours and minutes using the arrow keys until they match your desired time. Make sure to pay attention to AM or PM.

5. Confirm Your Choice: After setting the time, press OK to confirm your selection.

6. Exit the Menu: Exit the settings menu again by pressing the Menu button.

Voila! Your Keurig Duo clock is now synchronized with your schedule. It’s a simple process, but having clear instructions can make it even easier. If you prefer visual guidance, refer to the user manual for illustrations corresponding to these steps.

Troubleshooting and Tips for Clock Adjustment on Your Keurig Duo

While changing your Keurig Duo’s clock is straightforward, hiccups can happen. Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting and some handy tips:

Common Issues:

1. Menu Navigation Problems: If you can’t find the clock settings, review your user manual or seek online resources for guidance.

2. Resetting After Power Outage: If the time resets after a power outage, ensure your Keurig Duo is plugged into a stable power source.

3. AM/PM Confusion: Double-check your AM/PM settings; sometimes, this can cause timing discrepancies.

Tips and Tricks:

1. User Manual: Always keep the user manual nearby for reference, especially when troubleshooting.

2. Regular Checkups: Periodically verify the clock’s accuracy to avoid surprises in your coffee routine.

3. Time Zone Adjustments: If you move or travel frequently, adjust your Keurig Duo’s clock to the new time zone.

By addressing these common issues and following these tips, you’ll master the clock adjustment process on your Keurig Duo effortlessly. Now, enjoy your perfectly timed morning brew!


How often should I change the clock on my Keurig Duo?

You typically only need to change the clock on your Keurig Duo when there’s a time change, like Daylight Saving Time, or after a power outage that resets the clock.

Can I change the clock on my Keurig Duo to a different time zone?

Yes, you can adjust the clock on your Keurig Duo to match your current time zone. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to do this.

What do I do if the clock on my Keurig Duo keeps resetting after a power outage?

If your Keurig Duo’s clock resets after a power outage, ensure it’s connected to a stable power source. Consider using a surge protector to prevent frequent resets.

How do I switch between AM and PM when setting the time on my Keurig Duo?

While adjusting the time on your Keurig Duo, look for an option to switch between AM and PM. Use the designated buttons or arrows to toggle between the two.

USING THE CLOCK, can I set a specific brew time on my Keurig Duo?

No, the clock on your Keurig Duo is primarily for display and scheduling purposes. To select a specific brew time, you’ll need to use the Keurig Duo’s programming features, if available, which may vary by model. Refer to your user manual for details on programming your coffee maker.


In conclusion, managing and adjusting the clock on your Keurig Duo is a straightforward process, typically only necessitating changes for events like Daylight Saving Time or after power outages. It’s essential to keep the user manual handy for reference, as it contains valuable guidance on clock adjustments and troubleshooting common issues. You can also take advantage of features like time zone adjustments if you travel frequently. Ensuring that your Keurig Duo maintains the correct time is convenient for your coffee routine and ensures that your brews are perfectly timed, helping you kickstart your day with ease.

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