Chiropractor Techniques

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grand rapids Michigan ChiropracticIf your regular medication is not able to relieve you from pain and your sore muscles don’t seem to relax, you can visit a chiropractor to get a better know-how of things. A chiropractor manipulates the movement of muscles and uses it to relax your tissues. Regular chiropractic sessions can make you fully live again by taking away the pain. There is a large number of Chiropractors in Grand Rapids MI who can help you with the pain. You can choose a qualified practitioner and get weekly or daily appointments for sessions depending on your condition. Here are a few techniques used by chiropractors for relieving muscular pain from the body.

  1. Activator Method

Activator method uses a small hand held device for giving an impulsive force to the spine to restore motion to the sore joint. This device is called Activator Adjusting Instrument and assists in making the immovable spinal parts less sore, making it easier for the joints to move back to their original position. Stiff vertebrae result in severe back pain. The gentle force exerted by the device in this method can relieve you of that pain peacefully. This method is used to treat headaches, neck pain and all types of back pain. It is a very efficient method for getting rid of a migraine.

  1. Graston Technique

The stiffening of tissues in the back area around the spine can cause immense pain. Medication cannot effectively bring the parts back into motion. The Graston technique makes use of instrument-assisted method to massage the skin gently in attempt to make the stiff tissues move. This massage technique induces gentle force on immovable tissues and makes them softer. The instrument helps in identifying and breaking the scar tissue in the back, allowing the healthy tissues to come into motion. This then gets rid of sore muscles, getting rid of back pain for good. This technique is very effective in treating stretched spine and sore muscles.

  1. Cox Flexion Distraction

While working out or running, muscles in the back can get pulled up and may result in severe pain in the back. The stretched spine makes it hard for back to relax. This manual technique is used to treat such a stretched spine. Chiropractors in Grand Rapids MI use this technique to gently adjust the spinal muscles and make them movable. Slowly applying gentle pressure to muscles around the spinal cord in a repetitive manner helps in treating sore muscles and relieving the pain. This manual adjustment can be tricky and needs to be handled by an experienced chiropractor to ensure that muscles are tenderly adjusted and not pulled in a sudden movement.

Above explained are some of the most common techniques used by chiropractors in Grand Rapids MI to treat muscular spasms. You can consult your practitioner and choose a method that suits your situation the best and can deliver fast results. A well qualified and experienced chiropractor will ensure that you get the right treatment to get rid of the pain.