Eugene Dentist Offers Mobile Service

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Eugene OR dental

How often do you hear the cliched, I’d rather go to the dentist than… (fill in the blank). I don’t know if going to the dentist is quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but I can’t say I have ever met anyone that says they like going to the dentist. What if you didn’t have to go to the dentist anymore, but you could still get your teeth cleaned every 6 months? Well now you can. You can now have your dentist come to you. Let me be clear. I’m not claiming that you will never have to step foot in another dentist office ever again. You’re not going to have a root canal in the comfort of your own home. No dental implants either, but you can have your 6 month cleanings done at home.

Mobile dentist comes to you

Cris Dental is a dentist in Eugene OR that is now offering this service. They have locations in Roseburg, Salem, East Salem, Eugene, and Springfield. Here is what they currently offer with their mobile dental service: dental cleaning, fluoride applications, denture care, dental risk assessment, and dental education. Now let’s get real here for a second. Although this service can be used by anyone, it is probably more realistic to assume that it will mostly be used by people who struggle with getting to the dentist. This would include people who physically can’t get to the dentist or have a hard time getting to the dentist. There are probably millions of individuals that don’t go to the dentist because it is just too difficult to get there. I hope this catches on, because this is a great service and could alleviate this problem.

If you’re interested in mobile dentistry, call 855-455-8902 for full details. Cris Dental is a full service dentist in Eugene that not only offers mobile dentistry. They offer cosmetic dentistry and they do dental implants. They also specialize in dentistry for children.  If you are interested, call for details and ask about their $28 exam/x-ray new patient special.