3 Important Pet Care Tips For Summer

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vet eugene oregon, eugene emergency veterinarianWith summer on the way it means we will all be getting out to enjoy some fun in the sun. If you are anything like me you love taking your little furry friend around town with you. If that’s the case we at West Eugene Animal hospital have a few tips we want you to keep in mind.

Never Leave Your Pet In The Car

Many times we will take our animals along with us while we are running errands. And while there is nothing wrong with taking your pet along with you, there is something wrong with leaving him or her in the car. In the summer it gets hot. In some places it gets beyond hot. The inside of your car can get as hot as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s why as your Eugene OR veterinary clinic we recommend you never leave your pet in the car when you get out to run your errands. Unless of course you leave the car running with the air on. Some stores in the summer will allow you to leave your dog outside in the shade while you shop. If this is the case you should still limit the amount of time you are gone.

Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

As an emergency veterinarian Eugene it is not uncommon to see dogs who have been injured while riding around in the car. The car is not the place to let your pet run free. Whenever you are driving with your pets they should either be in a crate or they should be in a seatbelt with a harness designed specifically for dogs. You should also never let your pet sit in the front seat. They should always be in the back seat properly secured.

Keep Plenty Of Water On Hand

Just like you need to stay hydrated, so do your pets. Especially if they are out and about in the hot sun. Take their water bowl and a few water bottles along with you. That way you can just pull out the water bowl, pour in some water and let them have at it. If you have a cat consider investing in a cat fountain. That way they can drink whenever they get thirsty.

If you live in the Eugene Oregon area we would love to be your veterinary hospital.